Jeff Hall

Chief Technician

Jeff Hall is the Chief Technician at Muse Audio Services. He has over 35 years experience repairing all types of audio gear. He started out in the mid 70’s as a technician at the Tech HiFi chain of audio stores. Working his way through college repairing audio equipment, he graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in electrical engineering in 1990. Doing electrical engineering work with the Big-3 auto companies and then later as a freelance engineer, he continued to service audio gear part time. After 25 years as a practicing engineer, Jeff retired from engineering and started Muse Audio Services in 2013. He now leverages his 25+ years of engineering experience and passion for all things audio to repair and enhance all types of audio electronics.

Hong Shen


Hong started out as a technician at the Institute for High Energy physics in Beijing before moving on to the University of Michigan in 2000. Her huge range of technical skills means she can tackle a wide variety of audio gear services. Hong currently focuses on all the fine detail work that goes into vintage gear restoration.